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The Best Interior Design Services In Tampa Bay

Blue Cottage is a great place to consider if you're looking for interior design in Tampa Bay. They have a massive selection of pre-made styles, and they can customize those designs or create something entirely new. We are also excellent at working within your budget. The customer service is top-notch, and they offer convenient payment plans.

Our mission at Blue Cottage is to provide you with the highest quality product and service for your home designing needs. Our team of professionals have more than a decade of experience and is ready to help!

Some of our most popular services include:

1.   Design Consultations

A house interior design consultation aims to help identify the room's functionality or appearance problems. After all, it makes no sense to spend money on decorating your home without knowing what mood you're trying to convey or how well your furniture sets off your room’s architectural features (or how empty it feels). The extent of what you can expect from these meetings depends on how much your situation has been analyzed by the person who meets with you; However, they can range in length and price depending on whether they include furniture shopping tips or just basic observations about why one piece works better than another; an entire range of possibilities exists between those two ends of the spectrum.

2.   Lighting

Lighting is an essential factor in home interior design, and it can make a room feel completely different depending on what kind of light you use. The proper lighting can make the room feel bigger and more open, while the wrong lighting can make a room feel smaller and closed in.

3.   Space Planning

When designing a room, it's essential to know what you have to work with. First, we will measure the space available for the room and figure out how that space can be used most efficiently.

So how does that help? It determines which furniture pieces are best suited for that particular space. If a piece of furniture takes up too much room than is available in a given area of the room, it won't make sense and will likely look awkward or crowded. We will also determine if there's enough space overall for all the home goods you want in the room—if not, it might not be possible to include everything you'd like. We might recommend scaling down some details or choosing different items since they're too big for your living room.

4.   Designer Selected Accessories

Interior design is the art of decorating your home to make it feel like a reflection of your personality and taste. It can be as simple as adding some pillows to create a more comfortable couch or as complex as changing the paint color on every house wall. The possibilities are endless!

The home interior design is so fun because it offers so many different options and allows you to showcase what you love most about yourself, whether it's art or music or even just the memories you have from traveling to far-off destinations. Blue Cottage will ensure that you decorate your home in the best way possible

5.   Purchasing, Consolidation, and Installation of Furnishings

Experience has taught us that shopping for furniture can be overwhelming: you're faced with endless options and don't feel confident in your selection. That's where we come in. We'll shop for your furnishings, bringing our expertise and the joy of discovery to the process, making the process easy and enjoyable. Then we'll install it all for you, so when your new place is ready, you can start enjoying it right away.